NASCAR: Rule of the Week

We all know there are some pretty crazy rules in NASCAR. I’m sure they make sense to someone, but sometimes I just scratch my head trying to understand them. It’s only Friday and NASCAR is making me scratch my head again. Why?

During Friday’s first practice for the Sprint Cup Series race in Las Vegas the #18 car lost an engine. Of course we all know if you blow an engine between qualifying and the race you have to go to the back of the starting grid. But what if you have to change an engine before qualifying? According to he commentators on Speed TV (don’t we all just love DW?) no matter where Kyle Busch qualifies this week he will have to start in the back for the race.

OH! Come on! Seriously?

I’m sure it’s always been like this and I just didn’t pay attention before, still, it annoys me. I'm sure Kyle and his team are much more upset than I could ever be. Kyle has been excused from qualifying due to the engine change...I guess that's a plus, that makes me wonder, does he just get the last pit stall available?...(Scratch that: Kyle makes a qualifying run with a great time of 29.03 though it doesn't really mean much)

What's your take on this rule? Do you thing the "back of the field rule" should only apply to changes made after qualifying or should it apply if you have to make an engine change prior to qualifying? Tell me what you think?

Photo of Kyle Busch's #18 taken during Sprint Cup practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 2008

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