Wait, I Have to Watch Wrestling Now?

The last few weeks when my boyfriend momentarily that I (i.e. "we") watch Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights, he's flipped the channel to WWE RAW. I always smiled, right before making him turn it back. Now suddenly this Monday, I'll be the one reaching for the remote.

Why you might ask? Simple, Kyle Busch is hosting WWE RAW. Yeah, okay so Joey Lagano will also be on hand, but who cares? KYLE is hosting wrestling! I think the sky might be falling...

It seems like a perfect fit. After all, this is Rowdy Busch. Tune in next Monday night and 9 to see how our boy does...and if he can act. Hmmm, maybe he has a career is this whole racing thing doesn't pan out...


Calling All Women Writers Covering NASCAR

Have you ever noticed that there are more men writing about NASCAR than there are women? There are still quite a few women who get recognition as writers covering the sport but most of the time the fame and glory goes to a few guys. Don't get me wrong I love those guys. Without them at the track covering the race via twitter and their articles I wouldn't know half the stuff I know. You all know who I am talking about.

On Saturday night while watching the race in Charlotte and being bored out of my mind I came up with an idea. What if there was a site that gave women writers trying to make it big a voice? What is there was a community of ladies who supported each other and promoted each other's work. How cool would that be? On a whim I sent out a Tweet about the possibility of a women's only site for NASCAR writers. Within minutes my inbox was filling up and there was a lot of buzz about the project. Seemed like everyone else thought it was a good idea too.

I'm writing this post to let all women who cover NASCAR know they now have a place to post their opinions, recaps, columns, and random nonsense. We are going to have a wide variety of writers who come from all across the US. Some are casual bloggers looking for an audience while others are hoping to turn their writing dreams into a full time career. If it's happening in NASCAR it will be happening on this site.

Skirts and Scuffs is scheduled to launch just prior to Speedweeks 2010 though writers can start adding their work anytime. As we get closer to the 2010 season more and more content will begin appearing on the site.

For more information come on over to Skirts and Scuffs and check out the tabs across the top. If you are interested shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter and  I will get you hooked up.

I think it's time we stirred up the waters just a bit ladies. What do you think?

Anyone Else Frustrated?

I had plans to attend the race in Concord this weekend, but life threw me a curveball. My boyfriend and I found ourselves the proud "parents" of three 2-day old kittens, after their mother abandoned them. When we lost one of the kittens last weekend, it became clear that we weren't about to leave the other two alone, even if it was just for the hours we spent at the track.

Watching the race on Saturday night made me come to a realization: I'm getting extremely frustrated and not happy. When I started watching NASCAR, it was fun and exciting. Every week it seemed like someone else was sitting in Victory Lane and celebrating their win. Now? It seems like the same thing week in and week out.

It reminds me of why I write about NASCAR only sparingly. If I were to write about it constantly (like Katy does, and God do I envy her!), I'd get bored off my ass. As much as I love it, I don't want to start hating it by making it the focus of my life.

That brings us back to the season at hand. With Hendrick all but dominating the sport and Jimmie Johnson preparing himself for his fourth championship in a row, I find myself getting bored...really bored. And I get the feeling others feel the same way. Did you see the crowd, or lack of a crowd at the track this weekend?

NASCAR keeps saying that fans aren't coming/buying because of the economy, but is the racing itself part of it as well? I think it is and I think the sport needs to prepare itself for the future. Fans don't like seeing the same thing and between Hendrick, Johnson and the COT, that's all we're seeing...


Hall of Fame Announcement

The results are in. 25 were given the opportunity but only 5 were chosen for the inaugural class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte. 51 ballots were cast including one from NASCAR fans.

And the first class will be:
1. Bill France Sr.
2. Richard Petty
3. Bill France Jr.
4. Dale Earnhardt Sr.
5. Junior Johnson

These 5 will be inducted to the Hall of Fame in May 2010.


This Weekend Marks the End of an Era in Charlotte

A decade long era will be coming to an end this weekend in Charlotte, NC. This weekend the track where Jenn and I saw our first race and where we make our yearly trip will host it's last set of races before the name of the track is changed. 

A few months back it was announced that Lowe's would be parting ways with the track as the sponsor and name holder. As of yet the new name has yet to be chose though the track may revert to Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Since I won't be heading to the track this weekend for the race I thought I'd take a minute to share a few tips for those making their first trip to the track. 

Park as close to where you will be sitting as possible. Trust me you aren't going to want to walk from your car parked behind the Z-Max Dragway to your seats all the way over in turn 4 after the race. My advice is to check out the parking and driving direction map and figure out where you seats are. The map also lets you know where you should park if you are seated in a particular area. Don't assume you can take the most direct route to the track from your hotel. You are going to get rerouted regardless so be prepared.  

Visit the souvenir haulers on your way out of the track rather than on your way in. There's not a lot of room in the stands to store your purchases and it's a pain to try and keep an eye on your stuff and still watch the race. The souvenir haulers set up at the junction of Bruton Smith Blvd and US-29 just behind the main entrance to the track.

Leave these items at home...you can't take them in.
  • Coolers and bags over 14 inches in any direction
  • Stadium chairs with arms and folding chairs
  • Glass containers
  • Pets (except service animals assisting disabled guests)
  • Umbrellas
  • Strollers
  • Skateboards, roller skates and scooters
  • Bicycles or mopeds
  • Beach balls, balloons, signs and banners
  • Horns, whistles or other loud Items
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Items restricted by federal law or which, in the judgment of Speedway officials, may create a safety risk or reduce the enjoyment of the event by other guests
  • Unattended items may be removed at the discretion of Speedway officials
And most importantly know where the alcohol free zones are. There are three sections in turn two where you can't take alcohol and where smoking is not allowed. 

Have fun and take lots of pictures! 


Your Ultimate Racing Guide for Charlotte has Returned

Heading to Charlotte next weekend for the only Saturday night race in the Chase? Here are some reviews and a great map that I did before our trip back in May. Feel free to link to the reviews or the map if you like. There are also a bunch of pics that Jenn and I took at the track and the race shops. You can find the pics above under the Video/Pics tab. There are several hundred photos in the 2009 section.

Here's those links:
Also, Jenn wrote several reviews for Associated Content. Check them out!


Need a Snack for the Track? Giveaway

When Jenn and I are getting ready to head to the track we usually fill our bags up with snack food. Sometimes it's a few small bags of potato chips, other times its crackers, and there have even been times we have enjoyed some Honey Nut Cheerios with our Miller Lite. You might think that's nuts but given the high price of food at the track it's something a lot of people do. Most tracks are cool with you carting in a cooler and a small bag with snacks as long as your don't try to sneak in an umbrella too. Trust me...they will take that umbrella away in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I thought we would do something a bit different here on The Biff Files. Depending on the response we may do this again in the future. It that's up to you. But before we get into what you can win you have to read about my new favorite snack food.

I (Katy) recently got a chance to try out the New Nature Valley Nut Cluster's and let me tell you guys, these things are awesome. When they arrived at my house via mail I ripped into the box figuring I'd be getting a small sample container of the product. Boy was I wrong. I had the chance to try out all four of the wonderful different flavors. While my husband jumped on the Honey Roasted Peanut and the Roasted Almond Clusters I grabbed the Nut Lovers and the Roasted Cashews. Forget those other granola bars or that bag of chips that keeps getting stale. These are my new all time favorite snack food. Each package weighs in a 5 ounces and each pit is chocked full of flavor and nutty goodness. With the resealable package you can save some for later...though once you have one you'll have a hard time putting the bag down. 

I'm excited to announce that readers of this blog will have the opportunity to receive the same package I received in the mail. That's right you will have the chance to win all the items in the picture below. 

Here's what you get: 4 bags of Nature Valley Nut Clusters (one each of Roasted Peanut, Roasted Almond, Roasted Cashew, and Nut Lovers) a small pair of binoculars (maybe you can see the cars better at the track with these), a flashlight, stainless steel reusable watter bottle (or drink of your choice), and a sling bag to carry all your goods to the track with you. You like? I do!

all you have to do to get entered is leave a comment. No jumping through hoops...just say hi or let us know what you would like to see on the blog. 

I will be drawing for the prize after Sunday's race at California. 

CONGRATS TO kaligrl4 ! 


Jim Beam Following Jack Daniel's

Yesterday I wrote about how Jack Daniel's would be leaving NASCAR as a sponsor in 2010. Looks like they aren't the only alcohol company making a run for it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR

It was announced on Tuesday that Jim Beam, the primary sponsor on Robby Gordon's #7 won't be back next year. Can't say I am surprised....can you?


Another One Bites the Dust: Jack Daniel's to Leave RCR and NASCAR

Sponsorships seem to be dropping like flies this season. First DeWalt jumped ship and now another big name sponsor is severing it's ties with NASCAR.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR

It was announced on Monday that Jack Daniel's won't be returning to the 07 car driven by Richard Childress Racing Driver Casey Mears.

In the official press release a Jack Daniel's spokesman said, "We want to thank the many friends and fans of the Jack Daniel's 07 Racing Team, and we can't say enough about your incredible support over the last five years." 

This is just one more blow to the Richard Childress Racing organization. After rumors of discord between Childress and long time driver Kevin Harvick and none of the four drivers making the chase you have to wonder how secure the organization is. You also have to wonder what prompted Jack Daniel's to leave NASCAR. Was it the fact that a driver they were behind 100% and who fit their image is now behind the wheel of a Cheerios/Hamburger Helper sponsored car? Or was it the fact they haven't gotten much publicity this year with Casey Mears behind the wheel?

It also makes me wonder if Childress is regretting his decision to add a fourth team this year or his choice of drivers. I know Mears has a racing name and that he's got a victory (hey we were there for that) in the series, but he's a driver that has struggled all season long to get traction and work his way through the points. He's a driver that only gets publicity when he's involved in a wreck. That probably has a lot to do with the reason they are leaving RCR and NASCAR...but that's just my opinion.

What do you think of this decision?


Jenn Went Hi-Tech

I finally set myself up with a Twitter account. You can find me at http://twitter.com/racingcupcake, but only if you want to see/read what I have to say. I can't guarantee that it will be in the slightest bit interesting or that I'll update much because, frankly I just don't have a lot of spare time.

You may have noticed that the blog is decidedly less Jenn and more Katy-centric right now and I can promise that will change as well. Between races, family stuff, work and other miscellaneous stuff, I haven't had the free time lately that Katy has. I'll try to make some time to post on here more frequently and give you my perspective on things.

Oh and on a personal note, if you're a Harvick fan, soon you'll find me as the official Examiner. Just because he didn't make the Chase doesn't mean I'm ready to give up on him!


Mark Martin Says.....I'll take another year Mr. Hendrick

I've figured it out...Mark Martin must have been transformed into a robot during the off season. That's the only thing that would explain the transformation. (sorry, I'm not giving credit to Hendrick....just not happening)

Mark Martin fans are rejoicing today because the driver they love so much just signed a deal for 2 more years with Hendrick Motorsports. The deal will put Martin in the #5 through 2011.
Looks like we can expect to see him in victory lane many more times over the next 2 seasons.

My Opinion of Reed Sorenson Just Went Up Exponentially

Before today I never gave Reed Sorenson much thought. Never really considered him a good driver or a bad driver. At the end of last season and the beginning of this season there was a lot of attention focused on him. People thought the move to Richard Petty Motorsports was going to be a good fit for the young driver from Georgia. They talked about how it was his dream to race for the King and there were pictures of him as a child posing with Petty everywhere you looked. It was destiny.

Now the news comes out that Sorenson has been racing for free for the last half of the season. Are you kidding me? Racing is the guys livelihood and you can't even find the money to pay him to driver your car? Wow that explains a lot considering the recent announcement of a merger between Petty and Yates. Apparently Reed was given the choice to continue racing for free or sit out the rest of the season. Sorenson choose to race for no money and try to earn a ride for 2010.

Bonus points to Reed for sticking it out and proving that he's got racing in his blood, even if he's not getting a paycheck.

Check Out Examiner.com's Coverage of the Chase

Wouldn't it be nice if you could visit one website and find everything you need about the Sprint Cup Chase? Examiner.com is doing just that.

A team of 12 NASCAR writers has been assembled to cover the last 10 races of the season. Each week these writers will provide a brief analysis and offer insight into their particular drivers chances of winning the race and the title.

Check out the hub page for the Coverage or visit each of these Examiner pages separately.

Don't forget to come back after the races to read our recaps. Like what you see pass it on to your friends or leave us a a comment.


The Only Reason I've Found to Watch Jimmy Fallon

Apparently Jimmy Fallon's over the top, fish flailing rendition of "Gentleman, start your engines" didn't scare NASCAR away. Last night Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman, and Kasey Kahne dropped in to have some fun on the show.

Can I just say...Ryan Newman should forgo the fire suit and wear that all the time?

This Just In: NASCAR Drivers Involved in World Record Pie Fight

Oh the silly things driver's get themselves into all for the sake of publicity. Driver's are popping up in places this week that you don't normally see them all in an effort to promote the Chase.

Last night a couple of them were on Jimmy Fallon's late night show (still looking for the video) and this morning six of the Chase contenders stopped by Regis and Kelly to take part in a record breaking pie fight.

You need to go about 2 minutes into the video to see a clear shot of Brian Vickers, Kasey Kahne, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin and Kurt Busch.

First of all they look so silly wearing the rain gear. I think JPM is trying to make himself as small as he can so that people won't recognize him. He looks horrified to be part of this. Kasey looks like that little kid whose mom pulled the string on his hoodie a little too thight. Vickers doesn't seem to mind being there at all, though he'd probably rather be sky diving. Kurt, who looks like a science teacher in those safety glasses, looks pretty excited to be there. Denny Hamlin must have been told not to look at the camera and Jimmie's being his regular laid back self.

Which Driver Gets the Most Publicity?

What do you think? Which driver gets the most attention? Is it Dale Earnhart Jr? Maybe it's Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon. Lord knows Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch have been covered like crazy over the last couple of races and Tony Stewart has also been a favorite.

It's actually none of these guys who get the most publicity. Instead it's Nationwide Series driver Kevin Conway. Seriously, you can't flip through the channels late at night without seeing him in that blue fire suit. The man is everywhere. And yes, he's endorsing ExtenZe is an infomercial that makes me cringe every time I see it.

I counted last night while flipping through the channels and that commercial was on four channels out of 75 at the same time. That boy's getting some hard core TV time. Jeez!


Discount Tires to Sponsor Keselowski

If you haven't heard by now Brad Keselowski plans to run full time in both the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series in 2010. This announcement came on the heals of Keselowski's move into the Penske organization.

I'm not sure running in both Series is a good idea for Keselowski, especially since it's going to be his rookie year in Cup and his first year with a new team. Maybe he will have a good season in both, but something tells me it might take him a while to adjust....but what do I know? I'm just a blogger right?

Anyway, I'm not all that enthused with Keselowski's move to Penske. I think they should have given Stremme another season to get acclimated but Keselowski has the name and the hype behind him. Some even suggest he's the next big star. I'm going to reserve my jugdment on that one...although, I'm not going to be joining his fan club anytime soon.

It looks like sponsorship for the Penske's second Nationwide effort has been found. It was announced yesterday that Discount Tires would join Keselowski as the primary sponsor for 26 races in 2010. I guess that means Discount Tires won't be sponsoring the #6 Roush-Fenway car anymore. That kind of makes me sad.

I'll admit that I have never bought a tire from Discount Tire and that there isn't one anywhere near where I live. In fact, I have no idea at all where the nearest one is. I've only been to Discount Tires 3 or 4 times in my life and everytime it was because Jenn and I were stalking David Ragan.

Maybe Ragan wasn't a sponsor's dream in terms of popularity, but he's the kind of driver you should want representing your brand. You want someone who is always excited to see a fan show up for an appearance. You want someone who at least pretends to remember you from the 3 times you saw him the previous season in 2 states. You want a driver who will stop and pose for pictures with fans and you want a driver who stays for the entirety of their scheduled appearance regardless of how long or short the line is.

I guess Discount Tires won't have to worry about their logo not getting on TV or people not showing up for store appearances anymore. Not with Keselowski representing them.


Is Your Driver In the Chase?

While watching this past weekend's race at Richmond I was sitting on the edge of the couch. I didn't care about who was leading the race. (Congrats Denny!) My only concern was whether or not my boys were going to make it in.

If this is your first time here than you might think Jenn and I are huge Biffle fans. While the Biff does hold a special place in our hearts he's not our ultimate driver.

Jenn would probably say her favorite driver is Harvick followed closely by Kurt and Kyle Busch and I of course am also a Kurt and Kyle girl. Sure we like other drivers but these are our favorite...unless Jenn has changed her mind.

Anyway, like I was saying. I spent the evening on the edge of my seat just hoping the drivers I cheer for every week would be in contention for Chase. I wasn't really concerned about Kurt. His spot in the Chase was pretty much secure but Kyle on the other hand had me a nervous wreck.

We all know how it ended. A resigned Kyle Busch standing on pit road wishing luck to his teammate who made it into the Chase, a visibly excited Brian Vickers who just barely made it in, and a sad Matt Kenseth who missed his first ever Chase. Kurt did make it in though so it wasn't a complete loss for me.

Honestly, I don't know how I feel about the Chase. Part of me thinks its a nice idea. Every other sport in the world has a playoff system so why not NASCAR? Then another part of me hates it for the sheer fact that drivers who haven't won are in while a driver that won 4 times isn't. No, I don't know how to fix the problems. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Okay, so I've got one driver in an one driver out. That's not bad. Right?

But what if the only driver you ever cheer for is outside the top 12? What do you do then? I'll tell you what you do.... you go read this.


The Top Reasons to See the Prelude to the Dream Event at Eldora

After going to the Prelude to the Dream event at Eldora Speedway for the fourth year (out of five years running), I decided that I needed to make a list of the top reasons why you should see it for yourself. Sure you can watch it at home on HBO, but being there is the best part.

#1: Tony has finally taken care of the bathroom situation. In previous years the track bathrooms were terrible and by the halfway point of the night, you wanted to avoid it at all costs possible. This year Tony fixed things and the bathrooms were cleaned fairly frequently.

#2: Dirt is everywhere. During the last three races, I ended up with a chunk of dirt the size of a quarter hitting me in the throat. This year it was my boyfriend’s turn, as he got the dirt in the throat. We looked at each other and just started laughing. We had to keep laughing when we got home from Eldora and discovered dirt in our clothes, my purse and anywhere else we had an uncovered part.

#3: Randomness everywhere. This year I stopped by a small table of Kevin Harvick autographed merchandise to pick up a car I’ve coveted, only to discover that the people running the table were actually his neighbors! He offered them a free trip up on his plane and then asked them to run the table. They were incredibly nice and I’d love to talk to them again in the future.

#4: The unexpected. Who would have guessed that AJ Allmendinger of all people would wreck into the wall and break his car? Or that Joey Lagano would not only ruin one car, but get in a backup car and wreck that one?

#5: The home track advantage. Yes seeing Tony win for the third straight year was a little disappointing, but at some point, someone has to get past him and walk out with that trophy. This is the place where Kenny Wallace won, without any experience on a dirt track so you never know what to expect.

#6: The cars. There’s nothing like seeing these late model cars up close and in person. You can’t fully appreciate the awesome gold and black car driven by Clint Bowyer unless you saw it in person. It’s the only place in the world where you can see all the drivers turn up in late model cars decorated just like their real ones.

#7: The drivers. When we took out seats at the track, we had no idea that we were sitting right across from Kyle Busch’s car and hauler, nor did we know that he’d spend the next two hours working on his car and joking around right in front of us. The drivers are incredibly laid back at Eldora and it’s something you don’t usually get to see. Hearing Kyle joke about forgetting what number he was driving was something I’ll never forget.

#8: Closer than ever. Eldora is unique in that you have the chance to sit closer than anywhere else. We sat right on the corner of turn 1, right beside the fence line. I was close enough to grab a visor tear off and stick it in my purse! Try doing that at a NASCAR race…

You can watch the Prelude to the Dream event at Eldora, but why would you? If you’re a NASCAR fan, you have to see this track and event up close and in person. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget.

2010: Who's Out and Who's In?


NASCAR is kinda like Project Runway. One day you're in...and the next day you're out. (I know it's a stretch but I was watching PR while writing this and somehow my wires got crossed.)

I don't know about you but I have a heck of a time keeping all this straight. Seems like every time I turn around someone is switching teams or a two teams are merging. I feel like I need a flow chart to keep up on all the action. This post is going to be devoted to who's going where and doing what for the 2010 season. Look for frequent updates and let me know if I overlook something or get it all wrong. Remember it's a work in progress. Okay let's get started.

Red Indicates Out
Green Indicates In


Hendrick Motorsports

2009 vs 2010 - Looks like it's all going to be the same over at Hendrick at least for 2010.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. (AMP/National Guard)
  • Jeff Gordon (DuPont)
  • Jimmie Johnson (Lowe's)
  • Mark Martin (Kelloggs / Carquest) GoDaddy.com (20 races)

Stewart - Haas

2009 vs 2010 - Stewart and Hendrick will continue partnership for 2010 and drivers will remain the same.
  • Ryan Newman (US Army)
  • Tony Stewart (Office Depot / Old Spice)

Penske Racing

2009 vs 2010 - Stremme out Keselowski in #12
  • Kurt Busch #2 (Miller Lite) - Crew Chief Pat Tryson
  • Sam Hornish Jr. (Mobil 1)
  • David Stremme Brad Keselowski

Richard Petty Motorsports
Dodge Ford

2009 vs 2010 - Merging with Yates Racing, switching to Ford, Sorensen out Menard in - fate of #43 unknown - Engines to be made by Roush Engines

  • Kasey Kahne #9 (Budweiser)
  • Elliott Sadler #19
  • AJ Allmendinger
  • Reed Sorensen Paul Menard (Menards)

Roush Fenway Racing

2009 vs 2010 - Jamie McMurray out due to restrictions on number of teams. Crown Royal moves to Kenseth and DeWalt is out. Fate of McMurray unknown

  • Matt Kenseth (DeWalt Crown Royal)
  • David Ragan (UPS)
  • Carl Edwards (Aflac)
  • Greg Biffle (3M)
  • Jamie McMurray

Red Bull

2009 vs 2010: No changes here.
  • Brian Vickers (Red Bull)
  • Scott Speed (Red Bull)

Joe Gibbs Racing

2009 vs 2010 - No changes here either....looks like a few teams are happy
  • Denny Hamlin (FedEx) #11
  • Kyle Busch (M&M's) #18
  • Joey Logano (Home Depot) #20

Earnhardt- Ganassi

2009 vs 2010 - Truex going to Michael Waltrip...fate of #1 unknown

  • Juan Pablo Motoya (Target)
  • Martin Truex Jr.

Yates/Hall of Fame Racing

2009 vs 2010 - Yates will be absorbed by Richard Petty Motorsports. Fate of Bobby Labonte and #96 unknown


Robby Gordon Motorsports

2009 vs 2010 - Jim Beam out as primary sponsor on #7

  • Robby Gordon (Jim Beam)


Michael Waltrip Racing

2009 vs 2010 - Waltrip to run partial season in #55. New team added for 2010 to be driven by Truex #56

  • Michael Waltrip (NAPA) - Only running partial season
  • David Reutimann (Aarons)
  • Martin Truex Jr. (NAPA) #56 - Crew Chief: Pat Tryson


Richard Childress Racing

2009 vs 2010 - some changes in pit crew but drivers staying same
  • Kevin Harvick (Shell/Penzoil)
  • Jeff Burton (CAT)
  • Casey Mears (Jack Daniels)
  • Clint Bowyer (Cheerios Hamburger Helper)


JTG Daugherty

2009 vs 2010 - same
  • Marcos Ambrose


Fate Unknown
These drivers don't have a ride as of yet for 2010

  • Jamie McMurray
  • Reed Sorenson
  • Bobby Labonte
  • David Stremme


This Just In: RPM Going Ford

Just when I think I've got it all figured out someone has to go and mess it all up. Okay so here's the news of the day, maybe of the month.

Richard Petty Motorsports plans to join forces with Yates Racing for the 2010 season...and they will be racing Fords!!!!!! Team to be comprised of AJ Allmendinger, Elliott Sadler, Kasey Kahne, and Paul Menard.

What this means?

  • Jamie McMurray is going to be hurting to find a ride now considering that everyone thought he would be in a Yates car next season.
  • Reed Sorenson is out of Petty. Wasn't it a huge deal at the beginning of the season that he was going to the team? Guess the love doesn't last if you have a lackluster season.
  • Only one major team will run Dodge in 2010. That's going to put a hell of a lot of pressure on those boys over at Penske.
Here are my questions
  • What's going to happen to Reed and Jamie Mac?
  • Why Paul Menard? Is it his sponsorship? We all know it is.
  • Good choice to go ford or bad?

The Week In News....so far

Only one race left until the Chase? Will Kyle Busch make it? It's not looking good considering the amazing job Vickers and his crew did last week at Atlanta. Seriously, that was awesome with the axle change and not loosing a lap...Jimmie should take notes!

What's everyone talking about this week?

  • Jeremy Mayfield - frankly I'm tired of hearing about ol' Jeremy. It's becoming a soap opera. This week he decided to file a wrongful death suit against his former step-mother in the death of his father 2 years ago. Here's my question. Did he suddenly just realize that she was to blame or is he just trying to drag her name through the mud? What do you think?
  • Kyle Busch knows he's had a rough year and comments on his chances for making the chase, his Nationwide team, Ron Horniday, and fans love/hate relationship with him.
  • Tony Stewart wins the 5th Annual Prelude to the Dream. Come on Jenn give us a recap!....on a side note I want the giant razor he had in victory lane. It's not practical, but neither is that giant Sharpie they give you at Bristol, and I really want that.
  • Elliott Sadler - Is going to be a daddy. This week he and his wife Amanda announced they are expecting their first child. Congrats Elliott!
On a side note I have decided to change my twitter name. I'm leaving the blog name as it is but you can now find me on twitter @NASCARKaty instead of @thebifffiles.


NASCAR White House PSA: So That's What the NASCAR Invite to the White House Was About

On August 9th I published my thoughts about NASCAR's trip to the White House. Unless you subscribe to the blog you probably never saw it. It miraculously disappeared from the blog. I know it got published because it showed up in my RSS feeds but now it's nowhere to be found. If you've already read the post you can skip the next part.

This is what I originally wrote on the topic

I might be a talk radio junkie these days but I don't like to blog about politics. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all I know a lot of people won't agree with my views and secondly this isn't a blog about politics. With that being said I think it's time we focus for just a minute on the recent news coming out of the White House. No I'm not taking about health care reform, or the cap in trade bill, or even the fact that GM is now owned by the government.

Nope, I am talking about the announcement that was made yesterday concerning President Obama's invitation to NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson and other past champions to come hang out at the White House. I'm sorry but I have a problem with this. What the heck does Obama hope to accomplish with this? Is the trying to win the NASCAR vote? I think you are a little late for that buddy. Where were you last year when you were running for President? I don't remember seeing your face at any of the races though I clearly remember John McCain being at New Hampshire and wasn't Cindy McCain at Pocono and a few other tracks too? Were you too good for us NASCAR fans back then?

Remember when those guys over at BAM Racing tried to offer Obama a chance to be on a car last fall? What did he say? Oh yeah, Thanks but no thanks. Back then there was speculation that the reason Obama refused was because the car with him on the hood would be a Toyota make and that was just unamerican. What's he gonna do now that the government owns GM? Is he going to refuse to let anyone who drives a car other than the Impala SS into the White House? Are those Toyota guys who made The Chase last year going to be excluded from the guest list?

Okay, that's my political rant.


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When the race was postponed because of rain the event had to be rescheduled for later in the month.

Now the truth comes out. Why in the world were the top drivers in NASCAR invited to the White House? Let me tell you why! So they could make this completely inappropriate video urging kids to stay in school.

I've got nothing against NASCAR drivers urging kids to stay in school, heck I think it's a great idea. What I don't agree with is Obama using this to promote his "let's talk to all the kids in the US without their parent's approval" speech that's to be given on September 8th. Regardless of my personal feelings toward Obama I think this is just wrong. I'd be saying the same thing if McCain where in the White House...seriously do you think any of these guys thought about the NASCAR nation before they agreed to do this video?

UPDATE: 9/5 - I've gotten several direct messages from my twitter followers who don't agree with my views. That's okay. We are all entitled to our opinion. Let me clarify my point. I'm not against drivers doing a PSA encouraging kids to stay in school. If NASCAR had decided to make a PSA like this independently I would have applauded them for the effort. There are probably thousands of kids out there who watch NASCAR on the weekend but hate school. Who better to tell them to say in school than the top drivers in the sport?

What I have a problem with is the political agenda behind this PSA. It wasn't done by NASCAR but by the White House. It wasn't something these drivers decided to do on their own independent of NASCAR. The President decided that using sports figures would be a great way to grab the attention of kids. I personally belive that it's fine for sports figures or celebrities to support a political figure but I don't agree with them using their faces and voices to promote a political agenda which is exactly what this is. If you watch the video all the way through you see that it's promoting President Obama's much talked about address to all school aged children that's to happen next Tuesday. In my opinion it's inappropriate and I'm surprised more fans aren't throwing a fit about it.

I want to know what you think. Take the poll below and/or leave a comment.

Carl Edwards Gives Romance Advice: Book Review

Several months ago I heard about a series of NASCAR themed books published by the guys over at Harlequin. The romance novel lover in me fought the urge to rush out and buy them all. In the past I might have given in and made the purchase, but since I've been trying to read things that have more substance I resisted...until I found out that Harlequin was offering 16 free downloads on their site. I figured I'd check it out to see what they were offering. Low and behold hiding between books with a half dressed man on the cover was one of those NASCAR themed books.

I could resist no longer, besides it was “research”, or at least that's what I told my husband.

Review: Speed Dating by Nancy Warren.

If I needed advice on love would I turn to Carl Edwards? That's what the characters in the book Speed Dating did. Let me explain further.

Two time Cup champion Dylan Hargreave has had some bad luck on the track recently. His team has been finishing poorly and he just can't seem to pull it all together. What Dylan needs is a good luck charm...and a date for his ex-wife's wedding.

Kendall Clarke is an insurance actuary who thinks in terms of statistics. She's used to playing by the rules and knows nothing about NASCAR, yet her chance encounter with driver Dylan Hargreave changes her life forever.

I've read my share of romance novels in the past. Regardless of the story line there are three things you can always expect. 1) Boy meets girl 2)Boy or girl, usually boy, does something stupid causing the couple to break up. 3)Idiot realizes the error of his/her ways and attempts to win back the love of the jilted lover. It's classic romance novel stuff so I wasn't surprised to see the book unfold in this manner. I was prepared for the broad generalizations and fleeting mention of race day activities.

What I wasn't prepared for was the role Carl Edwards plays in the book. Carl's not a huge character in the short book, but when he shows up on the scene he's the love guru. Kendall approaches him for advice on what drivers are looking for in a woman and Dylan turns to him when he finds that Kendall has left. Carl's even the guy who points out the tear stains on the note Kendall leaves Dylan.

All in all this book was pretty much what I expected. It focuses a lot on the relationships of the main characters rather than the sport. There are a few key chapters that show the hero of the story dealing with the media and sponsors. We also get a glimpse into what it's like for this driver when he's behind the wheel. Your not going to learn anything earth shattering about NASCAR by reading this book, but you will find yourself entertained from time to time. I'm not saying it's the best book I have ever read, but it's definitely not the worst either. It's a fun book that fuels our fantasy (you know there are some of you out there right now fantasizing about being the one true love of a driver) that a chance meeting with a driver might change our lives forever.


Stremme Out Keselowski In at Penske

It's official. Brad Keselowski will be replacing David Stremme in the #12 for Penske in 2010. Looks like Brad will be driving full time in both the Nationwide Series and the Cup Series according to this press release.

All I can say is: Sorry David Stremme...this really sucks!

Carl Edwards Wrecks the Field and Wins the Race

Yes, yes, yes we all know how sad it was for Marcos Ambrose when he made that one mistake coming through the last turn in Montreal. We all saw Carl Edwards take advantage of the bobble and race past Ambrose for the victory. I was just as heartbroken as those Marcos fans out there because he dominated the race and deserved to win...still Carl did his job and took advantage of the situation. He didn't do anything wrong.

What I want to know is why isn't anyone talking about that last lap crash that took out 3/4 of the field? Didn't anyone else notice that Mr. Edwards caused that crash? A lot of cars were already banged up from the craziness that was that race but Carl sure as heck didn't make it any better. Why is it when he does something like that no one really notices? If any other driver had caused a pileup like that we'd be screaming for their head or at least placing the blame on him.

I'm just saying.


Bristol Music Notes

There have been tons of posts this week about the different songs chosen by drivers for their intros at Bristol. Some were creative while others lacked imagination. There were even some that had me scratching my head wondering what the heck was going on, but to each his own I suppose. Personally I think this is something all tracks should do. I know at Lowe's Motor Speedway they play a special song for each driver while they qualify, but those songs are picked by the speedway, or at least I assume they are. Some of those songs are just too obvious. Carl Edwards qualifying to the Flipper theme song. Yikes.

Since only a few of the intros were featured on the radio and TV broadcast I had to wait until someone posted a list of the songs before I could comment on them.

The Best Choices:

  • Kyle Busch - Amazing - Okay, so I am not a Kanye West fan...not even in the slightest. It's not surprise that I actually had to look up the words to the song, but it was the perfect choice for him.
  • Kevin Harvick - Party Up - DMX might not be your choice but again this song fits Harvick for some reason though we do miss those days when he "lost his head" more often.
  • Matt Kenseth - The Enemy - I would and often have jammed to Godsmack but they aren't a group I can picture Matt Kenseth listening to. It doesn't fit the image of him I have in my mind. Still excellent song choice.
The Worst

  • Dale Jr, Jimmie Johnson, and David Ragan - Thunderstruck - Okay I get this song for Dale Jr and maybe even Ragan but Jimmie? Plus there needs to be a rule about not using a song more than once for something like this. Granted other drivers doubled up on songs but this one was just waayyyy overdone.
  • Joey Logano - East Bound and Down - I don't even have the words...what an odd choice.
  • Clint Bowyer - CC Rider - I don't even know what this song is but I don't like it because it's Elvis...enough said.
  • Reed Sorenson - Billy Jean - Yes, please let's encourage the Michael Jackson is the greatest man in the world attitude. Sorry, great song but that's got to be the only reason this song was chosen.
What are your thoughts?


Hi Roger, I'm Brad.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but it looks like David Stremme won't be behind the wheel of the #12 next year. Seem like that guy just can't catch a break. First he looses his ride at Ganassi when Dario Franchitti decided to try his hand at NASCAR. (That worked out great...where is Dario these days?) Now it looks like Roger Penske is considering letting Stremme walk for Brad Keselowski. Poor David.

Earlier in the week it was reported that Penske had requested a meeting with Keselowski regarding his options for the 2010 season. Keselowski's dreams of driving for Rick Hendrick in 2010 were put to an end when Mark Martin decided to race full time in the #5 again next year. I'd rather see Mark than Brad anyway. There was speculation that JR Motorsports would go cup racing next year or that Keselowski might have home in a third team owned by Tony Stewart. I guess that's not gonna happen.

Personally I am of the opinion that Keselowski won't really fit in at Penske with Kurt Busch and Sam Hornish Jr. Sure Brad has some Nationwide wins and a Cup Series win to his name but I wonder what he will be like without a Hendrick engine under the hood. Is he destined to become a great driver as many have promoted him to be? Or will not having the support of Rick Hendrick and Dale Jr behind him show that he is just a regular guy?

What do you think?

What's Your Opinion on Keselowski Going to Penske for 2010?(opinion)

FYI - If there seem to be some S's missing in my words I apologize. My S key only works about half the time!


What Does the Future Hold for LMS?

Here at The Biff Files we are huge fans of the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. It's the track I always dreamed of going to as a teenager. It's the place where Jenn and I saw Casey Mears and David Reutimann get their first wins. It's also the place where we attended our first race back in the summer of 2007.

Next year when we head for our favorite place on earth we won't be heading to the Lowe's Motor Speedway. By then it will have been renamed something else. It was announced this week that following the current season Lowe's Companies Incorporated will not renew their sponsorship of the 1.5 mile track in the heart of NASCAR country. After an eleven year relationship with the speedway Lowe's will continue to sponsor Jimmie Johnson but not the track where he has won a number of races. This announcement comes just days after Allstate decided to pull it's naming rights from the 400 at the Brickyard and DeWalt decided to cease it's sponsorship of Matt Kenseth and his Roush-Fenway team.

If companies keep pulling out what will we have left?

Regardless of what LMS is renamed to it's still going to hold a special place in our hearts. Personally I'm hoping they go back to the original name of Charlotte Motor Speedway, but that's just me.


Brother Knows Best

You might already know that both Jenn and I are hard core when it comes to the Busch brothers. Sure we follow other drivers but when we are at the track you will usually find us wearing one or both of them on our clothing. Last year we didn't have a lot to cheer about when it came to Kurt. It seemed like every time we turned around Kurt was careening into a wall. It wasn't a pretty sight. On the other hand Kyle was kicking butt in everything he drove.

Kurt Busch signs autographs for waiting fans at his souvenir hauler prior to the Coca-Cola 600 - May 2009 - Credit: The Biff Files

This year it's the other way around. Kurt is doing great in the cup series while Kyle seems to be finding the wall more frequently than any other driver. He's still got three wins to his credit which is nothing to be ashamed of. But, where is the Kyle from last year? I'm pretty sure he's in the Nationwide garage. Kurt even agrees with me.

When asked about Kyle this week Kurt pointed out ..."I think if he could focus more on the 18 Cup car, rather than on the Truck and the Nationwide deal, that would help him in the long run."

I couldn't have said it better myself! It never hurts to listen to your older brother!


The Mustang Comes to NASCAR

Ford announced this week that starting in 2010 the company would run a Mustang in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. The NNS starts using the COT cars in competition for the first time next season, albeit in a limited format. As of right now the best estimate is that the cars will run in a minimum of ten races next season. Rumors abound that Dodge will also change their Nationwide cars to the Challenger.

So far the Ford Mustang looks like a pretty cool little car, especially the mock car the company released during their announcement. The Mustang has a long history with racing and as a fan, this should be an exciting addition. Plus, who isn’t excited to picture Carl Edwards and others behind the wheel of a Mustang? All we have to worry about now is how much the street car and race car will differ…


If I Were A Nationwide Driver I Would Be Annoyed

When I first started following NASCAR back in the mid 1990's it was unheard of for a cup driver to do double duty in the Nationwide Series. The Nationwide (then the Busch series) Series was for those up and coming drivers who weren't ready to trade paint with the big boys. Granted I didn't pay much attention but I would have noticed if the big names in the sport were spending their Saturday's on the track too. Whatever happened to that?

I enjoy seeing the cup guys win just as much as the next gal but, seriously, this total domination by the Sprint Cup guys in the Nationwide Series has got to stop. It's bad for the sport. Don't get me wrong, I love Kyle Busch and I'm always going to cheer for him if he's in the race, but should he and the other cup drivers be allowed to drive in the Nationwide Series on a regular basis? How are the up and coming guys going to get noticed when all you see on the leader board week in and week out is Carl Edwards or Kyle Busch winning another race. I can't imagine being a driver on the circuit trying to break into fame and having to deal with the most recognized names in the sport getting all the publicity. It would suck.

During the 2009 season practically every race has been won by a cup series regular. Don't believe me?

  • Tony Stewart won in Daytona
  • Kyle Busch has won at Fontana, Texas, Richmond, Nashville, Loudon, and Gateway
  • Greg Biffle won at Las Vegas and Phoenix
  • Matt Kensth took home the checkers at Darlington
  • Joey Logano has three wins to his credit coming in Nashville, Kentucky, and Chicago
  • David Ragan finished on top in Talladega
  • Carl Edwards has wins in Indianapolis and Milwukee
  • Clint Bowyer won Daytona the second time around
  • Brad Keselowski who has a cup win to his name (albeit by a fluke) won in Dover
  • Mike Bliss won the race in Charlotte though Kyle would have won had it not been for the rain.

I understand that Carl and Kyle are fighting it out for the championship but I'd rather see them fighting it out for the Sprint Cup, wouldn't you?