Calling All Women Writers Covering NASCAR

Have you ever noticed that there are more men writing about NASCAR than there are women? There are still quite a few women who get recognition as writers covering the sport but most of the time the fame and glory goes to a few guys. Don't get me wrong I love those guys. Without them at the track covering the race via twitter and their articles I wouldn't know half the stuff I know. You all know who I am talking about.

On Saturday night while watching the race in Charlotte and being bored out of my mind I came up with an idea. What if there was a site that gave women writers trying to make it big a voice? What is there was a community of ladies who supported each other and promoted each other's work. How cool would that be? On a whim I sent out a Tweet about the possibility of a women's only site for NASCAR writers. Within minutes my inbox was filling up and there was a lot of buzz about the project. Seemed like everyone else thought it was a good idea too.

I'm writing this post to let all women who cover NASCAR know they now have a place to post their opinions, recaps, columns, and random nonsense. We are going to have a wide variety of writers who come from all across the US. Some are casual bloggers looking for an audience while others are hoping to turn their writing dreams into a full time career. If it's happening in NASCAR it will be happening on this site.

Skirts and Scuffs is scheduled to launch just prior to Speedweeks 2010 though writers can start adding their work anytime. As we get closer to the 2010 season more and more content will begin appearing on the site.

For more information come on over to Skirts and Scuffs and check out the tabs across the top. If you are interested shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter and  I will get you hooked up.

I think it's time we stirred up the waters just a bit ladies. What do you think?

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  1. It's interesting that they published a book called A Girl's Guide to NASCAR and yet a whole chapter of the book talked about meeting a driver/dating a driver. Liz Alison even figured that was a big part of why women followed the sport. Ooh, ooh, can I write a guest post on your blog about that topic? lol