Have You Seen the Size of This Grill?

Have you heard about the grill that will be appearing at the Coca-Cola Quarter-Mile Cookout at Lowe's Motor Speedway next week? This thing is a beast! It's not your average grill like the one sitting on my front porch or in your back yard. Let's talk about the size:
  • Requires more than 7000 lbs of Charcoal
  • Weighs more than 24,000 lbs
  • If stretched end to end the grill would span more than 4 football fields.
Are you excited now? Not yet? How about if I told you they would be giving away free food and that some of your favorite drivers will be in attendance during the Quarter-Mile cookout? How about now? Want more information?
  • When: Friday May 22nd from 11am to 2pm
  • Where: Lowe's Motor Speedway - Near the start/finish line
  • Price: Free. Yes you heard me, it's free....as long as you have tickets to the Coke 600.
  • Stars of NASCAR: Clint Bowyer, Bobby Labonte, and Kyle Petty as well as Bobby Alison wil lbe in attendance for the event. Food Network Chef Tyler Florence will be manning the huge 1320 foot grill and will also be participating in a Q & A Session with the drivers.
  • Food: Hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad and brownies will be served. All free of charge!
For more information head over to Coke's Website and read the official press release.

See you at the track!


  1. It's looking great! Can't wait to see your vlog posts next week.

  2. Thanks Donella! Of course you might not say that once you see us on video lol.