The Roush Boys

Hey Everyone!

Today was another eventful day for us.

We were up and out the door by 7:30. Our first visit today was to Roush - Fenway in Concord. We had been there before but had never had a chance to meet the drivers during their fan day. We didn't get there in time to get a ticket for Edwards, Ragan, and Biffle but we were still able to get some great pics. Here are a few to tide you over until we post the videos of our experiences

Jamie McMurray was very nice and we felt bad because people kept walking by him.

Matt and Jamie signing autographs

Hey! It's THE BIFF! This was the only one we could get of him that had his whole face in it. Everyone kept stepping in the way.

We Love You David...I swear we aren't stalking you...not really.

Ragan, Biffle, and Edwards

Okay, even I admit he is cute in person... we should have asked him to do the Wounded Unicorn

Be sure to check out all the pics in the photos / video section above. There are at least a dozen each of Kenseth and McMurry. We did get to meet them and it was great. Both were really nice and were joking with fans.

We are heading into uptown Charlotte tomorrow for Speed Street. Videos to be uploaded tomorrow evening.

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