Let's Go Uptown

In Charlotte there is an area of the downtown known as uptown. That's where Food Lion hosts Speed Street each year. Speed Street is a chance for race fans to get free stuff from NASCAR sponsors, meet drivers, and hear some great musical acts.

Speed Street takes up at least 7 city blocks which can make getting in and out impossible at times. There is lots of parking with most starting at $5 for the whole day. The only problem we encountered was with the parking garage we had to park in when we tried to head to Whisky River. Someone really needs to explain how to direct traffic to those people!

While at Speed Street we got lots of pictures including those posted below. Be sure to check out the full gallery of pics.

Clint Bowyer signs autographs at Speed Street Festival

Kurt Busch hangs out on the Miller Lite Stage @ Speed Street

Kevin Harvick poses for pics

Kyle Busch signing autographs at Speed Street. This year he posed for pictures. Go Rowdy!

Jenn finally gets her pic with Harvick at the Speed Street Festival in Uptown Charlotte

If you plan on heading to Speed Street on Saturday have fun. Just remember to get a wrist band if you want to meet a driver. We got lucky and got Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. Kurt Busch was the only driver who did not require wrist bands. They were all very nice and the question as to where Kurt's Nextel Cup trophy is has been solved. Check out the video to see where it is... Jenn asked him.

We had some fun with the Hamburger Helper Hand that we got. There's a bunch of pics and this video. Sometimes the things we do when we are tired scare us!

Today we will be heading back to Lowe's Motor Speedway for the Nationwide Race. Lot's of Sprint Cup drivers will be in the race. Check back late tonight for more pics and videos from our day at the track! If you are going to be there look out for us! We would love to have anyone who reads the blog in a video! Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

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