What's Up With That Jeremy Mayfield?

Anytime NASCAR has an unscheduled press conference I get a little freaked out. Unscheduled press conferences can only mean one thing...bad news. As I sat in front of the television on Saturday watching the Trackside gang talk about Mother's Day, the history of Darlington, and last week's race at Richmond I wondered what new rule they would be instating this week. That seems to be what most press conferences are about these days.

By the time 6:10 rolled around I was biting my finger nails. What the heck is going on in that meeting? Stop showing the same All-Star race rewind videos you have been showing all weekend long and tell me what's up NASCAR. Ahh. finally the news was out and it wasn't at all what I expected to hear.

photo by SarahbearMcD

It seems that following last weekend's race at Richmond Jeremy Mayfield drew the lucky straw and had to submit to NASCAR's random drug testing policy. Surely Jeremy Mayfield would pass, right? He doesn't seem like the drugging type to me. Guess I was wrong. According to the information released by NASCAR Mayfield along with two crew members (sorry, don't know who or what team they were with) have been suspended from NASCAR indefinitely after positive results came back on their drug test. Mayfield has not only be suspended as a driver but as an owner.

Eventually we will find out what drug Mayfiled was suspected of taking but for now we can only assume it was something illegal. I for one am glad to know that NASCAR is taking the zero tolerance policy seriously. I never would have though Mayfield would be the one to have a positive result. I was so happy to see Mayfield back in a car this year with his own team. The Cinderella story of the Daytona 500 won't have a happy ending...at least not for now.

If you haven't heard yet we will be video blogging from LMS and the race shops next week. Let us know what you would like to see so that we can make sure it's on the itinerary. It's going to be an eventful week and we can't wait! Send us an email to thebifffiles@gmail.com


  1. It's funny because I can picture Jr kicking back with a little bud and some Bud, but not Mayfield...

  2. I had the same thought...I can think of a few drivers that walk around all glassy eyed.

  3. Mayfield claims that it was a reaction caused by taking prescription allergy meds with over the counter meds. The NASCAR official says that isn't possible.