What's All This All-Star Mumbo Jumbo?

I have a feeling I'm not the only fan out there confused by all this All-Star Race mumbo jumbo. How the heck do you get into the race? How long is the race? There are how many sessions? What's up with the fan vote? Who can race their way in? Then there is the pit crew challenge on Thursday and a few other events going on.

My head is spinning and I don't know when and if it will stop. Luckily Ben from Restrictor Plated posted this truly awesome guide to Detangling Charlotte's Web: Your Guide to the Sprint Cup All-Star Race. I think all my questions have been answered!

The Biff Files will be heading to Cabarrus County (that's "The Racing Side of Charlotte") on Monday May 18th for a full week of driver appearances, race shop tours, and racing leading up to the Coca-Cola 600. We will be video blogging the highlights of our trip and want to hear from you. What would you like to see? Leave us a comment and we will do our best to fit it into the schedule. I will be posting our full itinerary over the weekend. In addition to the scheduled events we will be video blogging about some of the Cabarrus County hot spots that catch our eye.

All of our videos will be uploaded to YouTube and our pictures will be posted as well. The videos will appear as posts or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. Links are listed right below the banner at the top of the page under the "video/pics" section. Each day while on our trip we will post our daily itinerary at the top of the sidebar so you know what to expect from our videos. If you are going to be in the area during the week let us know. We'd like to connect with our readers if possible.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the link. I'm glad the post helps. :)

  2. If you won a race within the last year, you're in and if you won the All-Star event before, you're in. Lucky for Harvick on that front! They do a short race and the winner of that gets a spot too (for those who aren't already in), plus the fans vote a driver into the race. Last year Kasey Kahne got voted in by the fans and then won the race. There's my short version of how it works :-)