I'm Not Greg Biffle...But I Did Meet Him Once

Okay, that's a lie because I actually met him twice. Once was back in the early days before he made his first Chase and when he was the low man on the totem pole over at Roush Racing. He was very nice, especially since I almost killed him.

Walking up to the table where he was sitting, I accidentally tripped and hit the table. It went flying and landed right in his stomach. You'll probably notice that many of my NASCAR driver experiences end (or begin) with me doing something stupid and this was no exception. He was very nice about it.

The second time I met him, he was actually a little cold. We got there towards the end of the event, which might explain it. Katy actually thought he was a little rude, but who knows.

The point of this (very) short post is that WE ARE NOT GREG BIFFLE. Though the side bar clearly shows a picture of two girls and you'll find a notice saying the same thing, people still think we're somehow connected to him, if not him.

Just to let you know, The Biff Files has no connection to Greg Biffle. We're not his cousins, wives, in-laws, sisters or love children. We're just two women who titled this blog based on a private in-joke. Yes we do like The Biff, but sadly we have no affiliation with him.

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