Wednesday's Highlights Pics

Here are a few highlights from Wednesday. Be sure to check out the videos and all of our pics above!

Marcos Ambrose @ Waltrip Fan Appreciation Day - Super nice guy!

Someone said Scott Speed was eating cereal at the beginning of fan appreciation day at Michael Waltrip /Race World USA...This was his reaction when we told him that Katy had watched the milk and cereal youtube video at least 2 dozen times.

You really never know what you will see in Mooresville. Imagine our surprise when we saw JR himself hanging out with Dee Snider from Twisted Sister...This is the closest we will probably ever get. Jenn was disappointed that he did not look as good in person. Still this one goes out to all the Dale Jr fans. Katy plastered herself against the glass and took this trough a window for you!

We love David Ragan...you might even call us his stalkers...it's pretty funny when he said he thought we looked familiar. Can I take him home with me?

Michael Waltrip looks so tame in person. Still he was nice and his fan appreciation day rocked! Thanks for all the free stuff Mikey!

Hey! It's the franchise! David Reutimann signed Jenn's 1:24 scale car and checked his voice mail...if only we could get him to twitter!

We may have to change our opinion on Jamie McMurray. He was nice. Plus he told Jenn what this random piece of car she bought @ RCR yesterday was before he signed it. Hey everyone it was a cowl.

Well folks it's time for The Biff Files to hit the sack for the night. It was a great day in terms of meeting drivers and other fans standing behind us in line. Thursday we are going to Roush - Fenway where I'll try not to dis The Biff again...and we might just stalk David and Jamie while there (please don't have us arrested!). After that we are going to Earnhardt Ganassi and Hendrick Mortorsports before heading to the track for Nationwide practice and Sprint Cup Qualifying. Have a great night everyone!

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