Do We Need New Announcers in NASCAR?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve just about had it with the announcers in NASCAR. It seems as though they can’t get names straight. Come on, give me a break. Any fan worth their weight could do a better job when it comes to announcing.

Last season I found myself wincing constantly as they confused Kyle and Kurt Busch. I remember once when Kurt wrecked out of a race and they called him Kyle. Then they sent a reporter off to interview him 5-10 minutes later and once again called him Kyle. Another time they were talking about Kyle running the (then Busch series race) and referred to him as Kurt several times before they corrected themselves.

Today they confused David Ragan with David Reuitemann. Really? One drives Toyota, one drives Ford. One is barely old enough to drink, one is way past drinking age. One has a wife and children, one is happily (in my eyes anyway!) single. This really should not be that difficult!

I think that every time an announcer messes up and calls someone the wrong name, they should get the axe. I really despise the majority of female reporters too because it seems like they were hired for their looks rather than their knowledge. I’m tired of the stumbling over words and acting surprised when the camera turns to them.

I love NASCAR, but I’m about to start watching with the sound turned off…

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