Too Much Merchandise?

I don't know about you but I would probably freak out if my GPS system talked to me using Dale Earnhardt Jr's voice. That's just too much, don't you think? I first read about this GPS system a few days back on the NASCAR Nuts & Bolts Blog and meant to share it with you buy I got distracted. By what?

There I was sitting in front of the television writing a post for one of my other blogs. I was minding my own business not expecting that yet another piece of Dale merchandise would invade my senses. Do people really buy this stuff? Apparently so or they would not sell it, right? For just 29.99 plus shipping and handling this baby can be yours. Maybe the motorcycle isn't your thing. How about the miniture golf cart? Oh look! There is a whole series of Dale Jr. motorcycles. Can I have one of each, huh can I?

And then I saw it. I knew I should have stopped looking at the page before I found something like this. Yep, there it is. I guess I now have to leave Jr. alone cause there is also a Kyle Busch motorcycle.

Maybe I'll buy it for Jenn for her birthday. Just so you know my google search for Greg Biffle motorcycle found no results. How sad.

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