Winners and Losers At Talladega

Talladega is insane when it comes to NASCAR racing and this weekend was no exception. The big one lurks around every corner, and your chances of flipping the car upside down are higher than at any other track.

This weekend's races were exactly what we expect to see from Talladega and what we'd like to see at other tracks on the circuit. The racing was great with people who don't normally lead getting a chance. Large packs of cars driving right on top of each other rather than one driver pulling away from the pack. It was NASCAR racing at it's best.

I'm still in shock after watching the final laps of the Sprint Cup Race.

This weekends big losers:
  • Jeff Gordon loses points lead after being involved in the wreck on lap 7. Kurt Busch now leads the points by 6 points.
  • Matt Kenseth who proved that even veteran drivers racing in the Nationwide Series have bad days

  • Carl Edwards who made spent most of the Sprint Cup race in the back of the field, drove to the front in the closing laps and ended up having a spectacular crash just before the Start/Finish line

This Weekend's Winners
  • David Ragan who drove his Discount Tires #6 to victory for his first ever win in the Nationwide Series. I was doing a happy dance around the living room at the end of the race. Great to see David finally get a win. Jenn and I both love him!
  • Brad Keselowski - Who would have thought Brad could pull off a win in the Sprint Cup Series? Not me. I guess that goes to show how much I know. Not who I would have liked to see the race but Brad get's props for coming from back in the field to win.
  • Carl Edwards - Yes, Carl is both a winner and a loser this weekend. He goes into the winner category because even after his hard wreck he got out of the car and ran across the start/finish line.
Where's The Biff? (Kind of like where's the beef?): Biffle started Sunday's race in second place and finished 7th.

Congrats to David Ragan and Brad Keselowski for their wins this weekend.

Now I have to go make some money so I can afford to go to Charlotte in 3 weeks!

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