Mark Martin Says...

I know that Katy briefly touched on this in an earlier post, but I thought I’d post a little about it too. If you follow this blog at all, or get to know us in person you might hear us make the comment, “Mark Martin say…” followed by something completely ridiculous. By this point we have good old Mark saying everything from “anal sex is great” to “I hate the traffic in Louisville”.

On our first trip to Charlotte I brought along my copy of NASCAR for Dummies, which was co-written by Martin. The book itself is so bad that I should do a review of it at some point. The book is so old now that in their drivers to watch section, they list Kenseth, Stewart and Junior. It also directed us to an area of town where there were once race shops, but sadly most have now moved.

However he does give some useful tips about what to do at the track, driving to the track, etc. It started out simply enough with me rushing Katy out of the hotel room the morning of the race. “Mark Martin says…if you wait until a few hours before the race, you’ll be sitting in traffic when it starts”. Somehow that kick started the goofy part of my brain where I consistently make odd and off the wall comments. So I started making constant references to MM.

Katy in turn found it hilarious because to people outside the conversation, it sounded like we actually knew the man. “Mark Martin said that we’d love these seats at the track.” It’s only spiraled from there. Now we constantly make references that begin with “Mark Martin says…” and if we ever write a NASCAR book, that will probably be the title.

Today it’s something we use quite a bit on our trips to tracks and races. We also have the habit of insinuated that I have something of a sexual relationship with the man, mainly because it makes us laugh…that and the fact that I’m twice in size in terms of height. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet us in person, be prepared to hear the most infamous words, “Mark Martin says…”

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  1. Mark Martin says...What! Turn 1 and 2 tickets are gone! I'll never be able to find my girls at Charlotte!