No Burnouts?

Did you notice the post race celebration following the Nationwide Series Race at Texas this past weekend? Probably not. Most of you probably thought, "Kyle Busch won again, time to change the channel." Am I right? We have gotten used to seeing Kyle and just about every other driver celebrate their wins with burnouts. What is a win without limping to victory lane on shredded rubber? I'll tell you what it is...Boring.

It used to be that drivers would maybe grab the flag from the stand, do a victory lap and head for the celebration. You never saw them celebrating the way today's drivers do. Can you imagine Richard Petty doing burnouts on the front stretch? I have a hard time picturing that in my head. We've grown accustomed to seeing our favorite drivers in a cloud of smoke along the start finish line. But now these new rules in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series might put an end to the burnouts.

What a bummer!

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