Race World - Worth the Price?

For those that don’t know, we’re currently in the process of planning our annual pilgrimage to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Coke 600. Last year we were full of talk about going down even longer and going to the All-Star Race. Now that it’s closing in on us, I think we both realized we should have started saving a long time ago to make that dream happen!

Every year we head to some of the same spots again such as RCR, KHI, Joe Gibbs Racing, etc. Last year we skipped Race World, in part because we forgot it even existed. Race World is the home of Michael Waltrip Racing. Unlike other teams and shops, they charge admission for their shop. I think it’s $15 per person, but I have a few coupons in my arsenal.

My question is : is it worth the price of admission? I’ll gladly pay $12 to see the RCR museum, mainly because I lost something important I “borrowed” last year and I like chilling in the hauler. I’m just not sure about paying for Race World. I’ve heard that they give you access to a lot of things the other shops don’t (or won’t!), but I still don’t know.

If anyone has ever been there personally, I’d love to get some feedback.

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  1. I'm partial mind you... but I love Race World. I go to Charlotte every year and go to all the race shops too but I wouldn't miss MWR for anything :)