Even My Dog Understands

I need to preface this blog post by saying that a few years ago my (Katy) husband was an insurance agent who sold supplemental insurance products for AFLAC along with several other companies. Because of his association with the company we managed to amass quite a few AFLAC related items; including 2 talking plush ducks.

I guess all my screaming at the television has paid off, at least a little. Sure my husband knows I dislike certain drivers but since he isn’t a fan of NASCAR he tunes me out when the race is on television. I’m one of those fans that scream at the television when a driver I don’t like is leading the race. Come on! You do it too…don’t you? In my house when drivers such as Johnson, Earnhardt Jr., Keselowski, Montoya, Mike Bliss, or Edwards take the lead I usually scream things I’d rather not repeat at the television. On Saturdays during Nationwide Races I might swear to never shop at Save A Lot again, outlaw the use of Scotts Turf Builder on my lawn or remark on how I would never purchase Vitamin Water. (Edwards sponsors) During the Sprint Cup races I usually remark on how much I hate the AFLAC duck and how it’s the bane of my existence. I never thought anyone was listening….boy was I wrong.

While going through some boxes I came across some stuff from my husband’s AFLAC rep days. Among them were two small plush ducks that talk when you press them. I have no idea why I still have them but I do. These ducks are cute but one of my dogs hates them. Pressing them and making them talk makes him go nuts. He totally freaks out. All it takes is the duck saying AFLAC, AFLAC, AFFFFLAAAACCCCC for him to start growling at it and trying to snatch it out of my hand. Even as I write this the duck is sitting on the edge of the dresser where it’s been for hours and he still won’t take his eyes off of it.

I’m convinced that all my ranting and raving at the television and about Carl Edwards has rubbed off on him. That’s right Carl, even my dog dislikes you. Looks like mommy trained him right, though I might get concerned if he starts guzzling the NOS.

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