Not A Good Sign for Earnhardt - Ganassi

I have a feeling Dale Earnhardt Sr. would not be amused with where his race team is at these days. I was never a Sr. fan but I know there are a lot of you out there. Still you had to admire the guy. He could drive a car better than most and he built a huge empire with his team and his merchandising. Today the team he created a decade ago is barely treading water. Even the combination of Earnhardt and Chip Ganassi Racing isn't helping the team this year.

I'm have to admit I'm not at all surprised that Martin Truex Jr. will be leaving the Earnhardt - Ganassi Racing at the end of the current season to become a member of Michael Waltrip Racing. Seriously, you had to see that, or something like it, coming from a mile away. I think it's a good move for MWR adding Truex to their team and hopefully Truex will have better luck there. Waltrip understands that it's time to hand the reigns over and become more of an owner than an owner/driver.

My only question now...will Earnhardt Ganassi continue to exist? Will they add a second team for 2010? Or will Montoya be the only one carrying the team to the future? Only time will tell.

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