The Rockstar Takes A Wife

Jenn: Who does he think he is? He's a NASCAR driver, not a rockstar!
Katy: I think he must have missed the memo.
Jenn: Did you see him making out with his girlfriend?
Katy: Nope, I was too busy thinking about whether or not I could steal and burn his hat.
Jenn: Well it was totally inappropriate for an autograph signing! There are kids here and I don't wanna see that either.
Katy: Did I tell you I love the Milk and Cereal video?
Jenn: Only about 10,000 times.

NASCAR Driver Scott Speed attempts to woo Jenn...it' not working... 2009 Michael Waltrip Racing Fan Appreciaiton Day (credit: Thebifffiles)

Jenn thinks Scott Speed thinks he is a rockstar. I have to agree that he does have that vibe about him. He's over the top sometimes when it comes to his personality. He's the only driver I can think of who would dare to make out with his girlfriend while hundreds of excited fans wait in line to meet him (okay so they were in line to meet Michael Waltrip, David Reutimann, and Marcos Ambrose too). His hero card looks like a rockstar publicity shot. (fyi Vicker's card is very similar) And that hat has got to go.

Like him (I have a weird facination with him) or hate him (Jenn think he is the devil) we need to extend congratulations to the Rock Star of NASCAR who got married this past weekend to his girlfriend Amanda Mathis. The couple have been engaged since late last year.

Congrats to Scott and Amanda Speed. Wonder which driver will be next? Anyone care to venture a guess?

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