The Story of Kevin, Danica, and Brad

The blogosphere went nuts after Danica Patrick showed up at Stewart-Haas's facility in Kennapolis this week. Speculation as to whether or not the driver I associate with those annoying GoDaddy.com commercials will be coming to NASCAR is running rampant. Some people seem to think that Danica (who I honestly know nothing at all about...that's how much I hate those commercials) coming to NASCAR and Stewart-Haas would be a great idea. I can't say that I really have an opinion on whether or not she would be a good fit in NASCAR but I can say I don't think she belongs at Stewart-Haas.

Then you have those rumors floating around that Kevin Harvick wants out of his Richard Childress Racing ride. It's about time Kevin stood up for himself and started making some noise after the crappy season he's had. Maybe we can get some of that old Harvick spirit back that everyone loved. Personally I think Kevin would be better suited at Stewart-Haas than Danica Patrick would be. I mean seriously Harvick and Stewart seem like a match made in heaven.

Just please dear god don't tell me that Keselowski is going to be the third Stewart-Haas team. I don't think I could handle that though with the whole Hendrick and Stewart-Haas partnership this is more likely than the others. Ugh!

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  1. The Harvick rumors were floating around for awhile, in part because he and Tony are such good friends off the track. He's not leaving RCR though. Childress announced this week that Harvick and his sponsor were in place through the 2010 season.