Kenseth to Promote Responsible Drinking

Move over Jamie McMurray it's time for a new man to wear the Crown Royal colors for 2010. That's right, not only has Roush-Fenway given McMurray the go ahead to start shopping around for a new ride for 2010, they just announced that Crown Royal will be sponsoring Matt Kenseth for 18 races next season.

Matt Kenseth and Jamie McMurray sign autographs at the 2009 Roush-Fenway Fan Appreciation Day - photo credit: The Biff Files

Guess that ends the debate once and for all about which drivers will be staying at Roush-Fenway next year.

Now, here's the question. Do you look at Matt Kenseth and say, "yeah, he looks like a Crown Royal guy?" I just don't get it. I don't see Kenseth as the poster boy for any type of alcoholic beverage, but maybe I am wrong about that. Regardless, I'm glad the sponsorship issue has been cleared up for Kenseth after Dewalt jumped ship last week.


  1. Actually it's not that surprising/shocking. A few years ago he drove a Smirnoff Ice car for awhile (I think all the Roush guys drove it at least once). So he's done the alcohol thing before.

  2. I know it's not that surprising/shocking but it's still gonna seem strange.