Heading to the Brickyard...

It’s not surprising that I consider the Indianapolis Motor Speedway my “home” track. Hey, if NASCAR drivers can have a home track, then so can the fans. The track is less than two hours from where I live and since I lived in Indiana for several years, it holds a special place in my heart. I’d probably skip the Coca-Cola 600 one year if I had to choose between the two races.

The fun thing about Indy is something that Katy completely missed out on: camping at the track. The track has a huge setup for campers, taking up an entire mile of space across from the track. The people you meet there are the most awesome people in the world. I had the chance to camp there two years ago and I still talk to the friends I made back then.

On Saturday I will be heading back to Indy for the race. Coming along for the ride is my cousin Heather and my boyfriend Brian. If it’s at all feasible I plan on letting each one do a video blog and posting them when we get back. It will be the first time to the race for each of them and the first race my boyfriend Brian has ever been to. Of course it won’t be the last since he and I are also going to the race in Charlotte this October.

The race might be the longest track, but it’s also one of the more exciting races. Unfortunately Katy missed out on all that last year due to the tire problems. For me, this is a race that you just can’t miss and watching it on home is nothing compared to being there. Nothing beats sitting in the stands and watching the Brickyard 400 for yourself…

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