Another One Bites the Dust: Jack Daniel's to Leave RCR and NASCAR

Sponsorships seem to be dropping like flies this season. First DeWalt jumped ship and now another big name sponsor is severing it's ties with NASCAR.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR

It was announced on Monday that Jack Daniel's won't be returning to the 07 car driven by Richard Childress Racing Driver Casey Mears.

In the official press release a Jack Daniel's spokesman said, "We want to thank the many friends and fans of the Jack Daniel's 07 Racing Team, and we can't say enough about your incredible support over the last five years." 

This is just one more blow to the Richard Childress Racing organization. After rumors of discord between Childress and long time driver Kevin Harvick and none of the four drivers making the chase you have to wonder how secure the organization is. You also have to wonder what prompted Jack Daniel's to leave NASCAR. Was it the fact that a driver they were behind 100% and who fit their image is now behind the wheel of a Cheerios/Hamburger Helper sponsored car? Or was it the fact they haven't gotten much publicity this year with Casey Mears behind the wheel?

It also makes me wonder if Childress is regretting his decision to add a fourth team this year or his choice of drivers. I know Mears has a racing name and that he's got a victory (hey we were there for that) in the series, but he's a driver that has struggled all season long to get traction and work his way through the points. He's a driver that only gets publicity when he's involved in a wreck. That probably has a lot to do with the reason they are leaving RCR and NASCAR...but that's just my opinion.

What do you think of this decision?

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