My Opinion of Reed Sorenson Just Went Up Exponentially

Before today I never gave Reed Sorenson much thought. Never really considered him a good driver or a bad driver. At the end of last season and the beginning of this season there was a lot of attention focused on him. People thought the move to Richard Petty Motorsports was going to be a good fit for the young driver from Georgia. They talked about how it was his dream to race for the King and there were pictures of him as a child posing with Petty everywhere you looked. It was destiny.

Now the news comes out that Sorenson has been racing for free for the last half of the season. Are you kidding me? Racing is the guys livelihood and you can't even find the money to pay him to driver your car? Wow that explains a lot considering the recent announcement of a merger between Petty and Yates. Apparently Reed was given the choice to continue racing for free or sit out the rest of the season. Sorenson choose to race for no money and try to earn a ride for 2010.

Bonus points to Reed for sticking it out and proving that he's got racing in his blood, even if he's not getting a paycheck.

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