NASCAR White House PSA: So That's What the NASCAR Invite to the White House Was About

On August 9th I published my thoughts about NASCAR's trip to the White House. Unless you subscribe to the blog you probably never saw it. It miraculously disappeared from the blog. I know it got published because it showed up in my RSS feeds but now it's nowhere to be found. If you've already read the post you can skip the next part.

This is what I originally wrote on the topic

I might be a talk radio junkie these days but I don't like to blog about politics. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all I know a lot of people won't agree with my views and secondly this isn't a blog about politics. With that being said I think it's time we focus for just a minute on the recent news coming out of the White House. No I'm not taking about health care reform, or the cap in trade bill, or even the fact that GM is now owned by the government.

Nope, I am talking about the announcement that was made yesterday concerning President Obama's invitation to NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson and other past champions to come hang out at the White House. I'm sorry but I have a problem with this. What the heck does Obama hope to accomplish with this? Is the trying to win the NASCAR vote? I think you are a little late for that buddy. Where were you last year when you were running for President? I don't remember seeing your face at any of the races though I clearly remember John McCain being at New Hampshire and wasn't Cindy McCain at Pocono and a few other tracks too? Were you too good for us NASCAR fans back then?

Remember when those guys over at BAM Racing tried to offer Obama a chance to be on a car last fall? What did he say? Oh yeah, Thanks but no thanks. Back then there was speculation that the reason Obama refused was because the car with him on the hood would be a Toyota make and that was just unamerican. What's he gonna do now that the government owns GM? Is he going to refuse to let anyone who drives a car other than the Impala SS into the White House? Are those Toyota guys who made The Chase last year going to be excluded from the guest list?

Okay, that's my political rant.


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When the race was postponed because of rain the event had to be rescheduled for later in the month.

Now the truth comes out. Why in the world were the top drivers in NASCAR invited to the White House? Let me tell you why! So they could make this completely inappropriate video urging kids to stay in school.

I've got nothing against NASCAR drivers urging kids to stay in school, heck I think it's a great idea. What I don't agree with is Obama using this to promote his "let's talk to all the kids in the US without their parent's approval" speech that's to be given on September 8th. Regardless of my personal feelings toward Obama I think this is just wrong. I'd be saying the same thing if McCain where in the White House...seriously do you think any of these guys thought about the NASCAR nation before they agreed to do this video?

UPDATE: 9/5 - I've gotten several direct messages from my twitter followers who don't agree with my views. That's okay. We are all entitled to our opinion. Let me clarify my point. I'm not against drivers doing a PSA encouraging kids to stay in school. If NASCAR had decided to make a PSA like this independently I would have applauded them for the effort. There are probably thousands of kids out there who watch NASCAR on the weekend but hate school. Who better to tell them to say in school than the top drivers in the sport?

What I have a problem with is the political agenda behind this PSA. It wasn't done by NASCAR but by the White House. It wasn't something these drivers decided to do on their own independent of NASCAR. The President decided that using sports figures would be a great way to grab the attention of kids. I personally belive that it's fine for sports figures or celebrities to support a political figure but I don't agree with them using their faces and voices to promote a political agenda which is exactly what this is. If you watch the video all the way through you see that it's promoting President Obama's much talked about address to all school aged children that's to happen next Tuesday. In my opinion it's inappropriate and I'm surprised more fans aren't throwing a fit about it.

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