Carl Edwards Wrecks the Field and Wins the Race

Yes, yes, yes we all know how sad it was for Marcos Ambrose when he made that one mistake coming through the last turn in Montreal. We all saw Carl Edwards take advantage of the bobble and race past Ambrose for the victory. I was just as heartbroken as those Marcos fans out there because he dominated the race and deserved to win...still Carl did his job and took advantage of the situation. He didn't do anything wrong.

What I want to know is why isn't anyone talking about that last lap crash that took out 3/4 of the field? Didn't anyone else notice that Mr. Edwards caused that crash? A lot of cars were already banged up from the craziness that was that race but Carl sure as heck didn't make it any better. Why is it when he does something like that no one really notices? If any other driver had caused a pileup like that we'd be screaming for their head or at least placing the blame on him.

I'm just saying.

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