The Week In News....so far

Only one race left until the Chase? Will Kyle Busch make it? It's not looking good considering the amazing job Vickers and his crew did last week at Atlanta. Seriously, that was awesome with the axle change and not loosing a lap...Jimmie should take notes!

What's everyone talking about this week?

  • Jeremy Mayfield - frankly I'm tired of hearing about ol' Jeremy. It's becoming a soap opera. This week he decided to file a wrongful death suit against his former step-mother in the death of his father 2 years ago. Here's my question. Did he suddenly just realize that she was to blame or is he just trying to drag her name through the mud? What do you think?
  • Kyle Busch knows he's had a rough year and comments on his chances for making the chase, his Nationwide team, Ron Horniday, and fans love/hate relationship with him.
  • Tony Stewart wins the 5th Annual Prelude to the Dream. Come on Jenn give us a recap!....on a side note I want the giant razor he had in victory lane. It's not practical, but neither is that giant Sharpie they give you at Bristol, and I really want that.
  • Elliott Sadler - Is going to be a daddy. This week he and his wife Amanda announced they are expecting their first child. Congrats Elliott!
On a side note I have decided to change my twitter name. I'm leaving the blog name as it is but you can now find me on twitter @NASCARKaty instead of @thebifffiles.

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