Discount Tires to Sponsor Keselowski

If you haven't heard by now Brad Keselowski plans to run full time in both the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series in 2010. This announcement came on the heals of Keselowski's move into the Penske organization.

I'm not sure running in both Series is a good idea for Keselowski, especially since it's going to be his rookie year in Cup and his first year with a new team. Maybe he will have a good season in both, but something tells me it might take him a while to adjust....but what do I know? I'm just a blogger right?

Anyway, I'm not all that enthused with Keselowski's move to Penske. I think they should have given Stremme another season to get acclimated but Keselowski has the name and the hype behind him. Some even suggest he's the next big star. I'm going to reserve my jugdment on that one...although, I'm not going to be joining his fan club anytime soon.

It looks like sponsorship for the Penske's second Nationwide effort has been found. It was announced yesterday that Discount Tires would join Keselowski as the primary sponsor for 26 races in 2010. I guess that means Discount Tires won't be sponsoring the #6 Roush-Fenway car anymore. That kind of makes me sad.

I'll admit that I have never bought a tire from Discount Tire and that there isn't one anywhere near where I live. In fact, I have no idea at all where the nearest one is. I've only been to Discount Tires 3 or 4 times in my life and everytime it was because Jenn and I were stalking David Ragan.

Maybe Ragan wasn't a sponsor's dream in terms of popularity, but he's the kind of driver you should want representing your brand. You want someone who is always excited to see a fan show up for an appearance. You want someone who at least pretends to remember you from the 3 times you saw him the previous season in 2 states. You want a driver who will stop and pose for pictures with fans and you want a driver who stays for the entirety of their scheduled appearance regardless of how long or short the line is.

I guess Discount Tires won't have to worry about their logo not getting on TV or people not showing up for store appearances anymore. Not with Keselowski representing them.

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