Best Commercials and Digger

I don't know what's up with this post but it's all messed up...sorry about that.

Fifteen years ago, when I first became a NASCAR fan there weren’t any commercials that featured drivers. Anyone else remember those days? Your favorite driver wasn’t splashed across the screen at every commercial break.

Imagine that today! How would we ever get through a race without seeing Tony Stewart promote Old Spice Swagger or Clint Bowyer eat Cheesy Mac while driving? What would an All-State commercial be without Kasey Kahne?(This one cracks me up)

In the spirit of good fun here are some of my favorite commercials. I’m sure I have missed some good ones. Leave me a comment or post a link to your favorites so I can check them out. Now let’s get on with the watching shall we?

This is the first NASCAR commercial I remember seeing. Very cutting edge for the early 1990's. Why don't they make them like this anymore? I won't tell you how excited I got the first time I saw it. Hey! I was like 14!

Cause Jimmie just looks like that kind of guy! I can totally see him doing that...on another note, I need some stuff done around the house. How can I hire him?

This one makes me smile. It's great to see a sponsor pay tribute to a driver.

Because we too hate engine gunk.

This year NASCAR commercials are even more popular. These are my favorites.

Can I go play video games with Kyle and Denny? I can so picture these guys doing this.

What a coincidence the kid and I have the same target.

I wanted to show some David Ragan love but no one has uploaded the UPS commercial to YouTube. Seems like David doesn't have very many fans. That's sad.

One last note. I found the inspiration for Digger. This might be the worst commercial ever!

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