The Unwind Lap

I meant to write this earlier in the week but got sidetracked.

If you were a NASCAR driver how would you celebrate? Would you do the Polish victory lap made famous by the late Alan Kulwicki? Would you do doughnuts in the infield or burnouts along the front stretch like many drivers? Maybe you would opt to climb the fence like Tony Stewart or show your athletic side by doing a Carl Edwards back flip. On the other hand you might choose to go with the most talked about celebration as of late, the Kyle Busch bow to the crowd.

Kurt Busch

We have seen many different ways to celebrate. So many that it's almost impossible for drivers to come up with their own signature celebration method.

Tell that to Kurt Busch.

Earlier in the month, following his victory at Atlanta, Kurt, who once did snow angels on the start/finish line at Bristol, got everyone talking after his reverse victory lap. It's something fans were taking about for days following the race. There was so much buzz generated by this lap done in reverse that Kurt asked his fans, via his website www.kurtbusch.com, to name the lap.

Last weekend at Bristol Kurt announced that the lap would be known as the "Unwind Lap". Maybe not the most original name in the world but it fits.

Kurt says that he and some friends were drinking some Miller Lite (clever way to get the sponsor name into it) and they came up with the reverse victory lap. Personally I think it was younger brother Kyle who dared him to drive the full circuit of the track in reverse. Seem like something Kyle would do.

Whether you though the "Unwind Lap" was cool or as Darrell Waltrip called it "Bad Wrong", one thing is certain, we won't forget this lap anytime soon

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