What's Up With the Name?

I promised a few of you who were following me on twitter (@thebifffiles) Sunday that I would explain why the blog is called "The Biff Files". Someone said "you're a Greg Biffle fan?" You would think so, but as I mentioned in my first post I'm not a hardcore Biff fanatic. Jenn has even called him my arch nemesis.

When Jenn and I set out for our trip to Charlotte last year (May 2008) we had a whole list of driver appearances we wanted to hit, knew what race shops we wanted to visit, and planned on spending at least one day at the Speed Street Festival in downtown Charlotte.

The first thing on our list was an appearance at one of the Wal-Mart stores near the track. Jenn, prepared to meet any and every driver possible, came prepared with her Greg Biffle die cast car. When we got to the front of the line Jenn handed "Biff" her car to be signed, told him she had been carting it around since Michigan the previous year, and went on her way. I was behind her in line. Biffle signed one of the hero cards for me, tried to hand it to me (or so Jenn says) and I just walked right by him like he wasn't even there. Yes, my friends, I dissed the Biff. All weekend long Jenn reminded me how I had dissed him. What did he do to me to make me not pay attention to him? I was going to be sorry for dissing him...apparently so.

Cut to about a month later. My husband, who does not follow NASCAR at all, and I were walking through the produce section and for some reason he said "Oh, piffle."

My response was "Oh, Biffle? Are you praying to the NASCAR Gods now?"

To which my husband says "Oh, great biffle hear my prayer".

I laughed so hard. From that point on at random times when I would watch the race on TV my husband would start his "Biffle is God" rant. At one point he came up with the 10 commandments of Biffle.

When Jenn and I were in Indianapolis we joked about the Biff and how if I met him again I would probably ignore him again. We talked about "praying to biff" and other silly things like that. It was all capped of by a trip to Rally's where my cup had a giant picture of the Biff on it. We called it the holy grail.

It seemed pretty evident that Biffle had put a curse on me and that if I ever started a NASCAR blog it would have to have a Biffle related theme.

We will try to focus on Biffle as much as possible though you are more likely to see post about NASCAR in general or our favorite drivers.

So there it is. The story of "The Biff Files"

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  1. Darn. I was hoping you were Die Hard Biffle Fans just like me. Oh well, I can't win 'em all.