More Commercials to Tide You Over

Still not race day yet. That's okay. Here are some funny and entertaining commercials to tide you over. Just for the record most of these are here because they are lame.

I think every driver has done one of these WileyX commercials. I found them for Hamlin, Biffle, Martin, Logano, Harvick, and Kenseth. Sure there are more out there. All are equally annoying but Joey takes the cake.

Mark Martin Says...this is hysterical

Work that tongue...okay that just sounded wrong...Go Granny Go!

Classic Kevin Harvick.

Oh Jeff...I am sorry. I bet he regrets this one.

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  1. I thought Joey's was cute!!!!

    Hehehe "how about trying a different girlfriend" LMFAO! I love Kevin Harvick.

  2. Yeah, that's the best part of that commercial.

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