Guide To Charlotte: JR Motorsports

Are you a member of the "Jr Nation"? If so then a trip to JR Motorsports is in your future. Located in Mooresville, NC, just outside of Charlotte, JR Motorsports is home to the Nationwide Series team owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr. While not nearly as large as other race shops you might visit while in Charlotte, JR Mortorsports is a great place for fans.

Here are the key points:
  • JR Motorsports is located in Mooresville. You can find great directions to the shop here.
  • This race shop isn't home to Jr.'s Sprint Cup team, just his nationwide team. Don't expect to see them working on his AMP car in the back.
  • The building is divided down the middle. The left side of the building is not open to the public and I imagine this part of the building is devoted to offices and whatnot. The right side of the building is the gift shop.
  • The gift shop is known as Jr, Nation and many of the items that can be purchased at Hendrick Motorsports, and Whisky River can be purchased in the gift shop at JR Motorsports. One thing I did notice is that all the items have prices that end in .88
  • There is a wax replica of Jr. in the back corner of the gift shop. Everyone wanted to take pictures with it but it's roped off.
  • In the back of the gift shop there are windows that look into the race shop itself though the viewing area is pretty small. It's not a great place to take pictures though if your lucky you might get in a few good shots.
  • There is plenty of parking and it's in close proximity to the front doors. There is a large parking lot and even if it's full there is parking in the grass.

As close as we will ever get to the real thing. Not bad for wax.

Have you visited JR Motorsports? Share your thoughts with us.

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