Your Guide to Charlotte: Speed Street

There are about a zillion things to do in Charlotte between the All-Star Race and the Coke 600 the following weekend. If you are lucky enough to get to spend the whole week in Charlotte you need to check out some of these events.

The Speed Street Festival:

The Speed Street Festival is one of the coolest things Jenn and I went to last year, though it can be pretty crowded. Speed Street is held in the “Uptown” area of Charlotte and takes up at least 5 city blocks.

Kenny Wallace Signs Autographs at the 2008 Speed Street Festival

At the Speed Street Festival you get the chance to watch concerts, meet drivers, and get free sample products from NASCAR sponsors. Last year drivers like Bobby Labonte, Kyle Busch, Richard Petty, Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Kenny Wallace, Kevin Harvick, and Clint Bowyer were in attendance. As of now the list of drivers appearing has not been released but I’m sure there will be lots of great stars of the sport out during the festival.

Clint Bowyer Signs Autographs at 2008 Speed Street Festival

Here are some things you should consider:

  • The festival runs May 21-23, 2009 from 11 am until 11pm

  • If you want to meet a driver you need to check out their websites before the festival to see if there are any special rules. Some require you to show up early to get a wrist band. You should also be prepared for the drivers to be late and leave early. It’s a busy weekend for them too. We met Kurt and Kyle last year. The line for Labonte and Petty was super long, you had to play some silly game to meet Harvick, and Newman left early.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. If you want to meet multiple drivers chances are you’re going to have to walk from one end of the festival to the other several times. After a while your feet are going to hurt

  • Admission is free and it's kid friendly

  • Alcohol can be purchased from many vendors at the festival but you will need to get a wrist band in order to purchase it. There are tables located all around the festival.

For more information on the 2009 Speed Street Festival check out the following source:

Speed Street Festival Info and Map

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  1. How come the speed street schedule is not posted any where I can find. Not on www.600festival.com.
    I want to see what band are playing on which stage.

  2. HERE YA GO: http://www.600festival.com/event_schedule.aspx