Mark Martin Says, "Hey, I'm On The Pole"

By now you probably know that veteran driver Mark Martin will be sitting on the pole for Sunday's race it Atlanta. It's the first time Martin has been on the pole since May 2001. That's great for Mark since it's his "last year" but how many times have we heard that before?

Starting alongside of Martin is Kurt Busch.

Rounding out the top 10 are: Jamie McMurry(3), Juan Pablo Montoya(4), Greg Biffle(5), Denny Hamilin (6), Jimmie Johnson (7), Joe Nemecheck(8), Kyle Busch(9), and Kevin Harvick(10)

Did you know that Mark Martin, also wrote a book? No? You aren't the only one.

If you knew how random Jenn and I are this would make total sense. It probably seems crazy to everyone else but oh well. It doesn't have to be Mark Martin related at all but anytime we see something we like or dislike we say, "Mark Martin says". It all started when Jenn carted her copy of NASCAR for Dummies with us to our first race in Charlotte. (Mark will be happy to know at least one copy of the book was sold). Over the course of the weekend it was Mark Martin says this and Mark Martin says that. It became our little thing. We still do it now and it doesn't have to be anything related to NASCAR.

You can still buy the book though it's probably a bit outdated. No mention of the COT in this book. Still you can read it online (or at least parts of it) here.

***Mark Martin says, The opinions given by Mark Martin as expressed by Katy and Jenn are not those of the real Mark Martin, though it would be super cool if we could channel him

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