What Do These Drivers Have in Common?

What do Casey Mears, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jamie McMurray, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, and Mark Martin have in common? Besides three of them driving the same car for Hendrick? (Busch, Mears, and Martin have all driven the #5 car in the last 3 years)

They have all appeared on CMT Cribs. That's right, Cribs isn't just about seeing how rappers, teen idols, and rockers live these days. Cribs is also about showing how country singers, NASCAR drivers, and apparently Danny Bonaduce, live.

Past seasons brought an episode featuring Dale Jr, Casey Mears, and Jamie McMurray. This season has shown us how Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, and Kyle Busch live. And I just saw and advertisement that Mark Martin will be appearing an in and upcoming episode.

If you haven't seen the Harvick, Hamlin, and Busch episode don't worry, CMT replays it at least once a week and you can watch outtakes from the episode online (that's the Harvick one above) or view the photo gallery.

Be sure to check out Mark Martin this Saturday (April 4, 2009) on the newest episode of CMT Cribs airing at 8:30PM-Eastern (the website says 4:30 PM but my TV says otherwise). Also appearing on the episode are Danny Bonaduce and John Rich.

Can someone please tell me why Kevin Harvick needs such a huge house for just him and Delana? Is it so Jenn and I can move in? Gee, thanks Kev!

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