The Old Kevin Harvick

If you read this blog, you might notice that Katy spends more time here than I do. I completely apologize for that and promise that I’ll try to post more myself. Unfortunately I don’t have a Twitter or any of those fancy shmancy social networking sites so you’ll have to rely on her for that. That said, today’s post is all about the old Kevin Harvick.

Those who follow NASCAR probably remember the old Harvick. He was the guy with the mouth that never stopped moving and the guy who wasn’t afraid to make his presence known both on and off the track. At one point NASCAR even suspended him from a Cup race based on something he did during a Truck race. He also earned the nickname Happy because even though he was jumping down your throat, he’d still keep a smile on his face.

Now Harvick has started to mellow a little and we seldom see his old side come out to play. We get a few glimpses of it such as when he hurled a water bottle at a camera man following a Duel finish or when he wore a Matt Kenseth shirt to the track after the two had an on track fight. He even went after Juan Pablo Montoya a few years ago on the road course.

However he’s also grown up a lot due to running and owning his own race team. In my opinion that doesn’t necessarily make him a better driver. He hasn’t won a points race since the 2007 Daytona 500, but he has great seasons when he lets the old Happy out to play. I don’t know about you, but I miss the old Happy. In honor of that, here’s a few videos of Harvick in his heyday.

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