Do Sponsors Make Your Choices?

Have you ever heard someone say "I won't use x product because they sponsor X?" I've always thought this sounds kind of silly. If I like something it doesn't really matter if they sponsor a NASCAR driver that I hate or not. Does it?

That's what I always thought.

Lately though I have been wondering if watching 43 cars drive around the tracks with these massive logos on their hoods is effecting what I buy.

The answer: to a point.

I love my NOS so much I take pictures of it. Sad but true.

I say to a point because I know there are certain products I wouldn't know about if it weren't for racing. For instance:
  • Goody's Headache Powder - No one I know uses this stuff but it rocks. I remember when I joined the Rusty Wallace fan club when I was 14 they sent a sample with the fan club goodies. Now, I have a stockpile of Goody's in my medicine cabinet. It's awesome. Sure the nondescript packaging and that strange white powder makes me feel like I am doing something wrong every time I take it but it's the best thing on the market for fighting my frequent headaches...just keep that cool orange crap out of my cabinet. ICK!
  • NOS - No it's not the most popular energy drink on the market but it's one of the strongest. You have to drink more than 3 cans of Red Bull to equal one can of NOS. It gives me the jitters and I have to drink it in moderation but it's the best energy drink I have tried. Again, I don't know anyone who drinks NOS besides myself. It's not plastered all over the place like AMP or Monster but one place you will find it is on the car of Kyle Busch and it's always in his hand in victory lane. Do I drink it because I like Kyle? That's how I found out about it. Had they not been giving out free samples at Speed Street last May I would never have picked it up at the convenience store. (FYI: I'm going to be first in line for the Kyle cans when they finally come out)

7 cans of Miller Lite and one Coke Zero - Good times at qualifying - No I didn't drink them all myself.

Since I drink NOS you might think I don't drink AMP because they sponsor Jr. That's not the case. I don't drink AMP, Monster or Red Bull because I don't like them. Simple as that. I drink Miller Lite because it tastes better than Bud Light and yes because they sponsor Kurt. I shop at Lowe's rather than Home Depot because I know where everything is. (Don't like Jimmie or Joey) I don't avoid Target because they sponsor Juan Pablo Montoya (who I hate). I'm couldn't care less whether my packages are shipped via Fed Ex or UPS (even though I like Ragan). I don't have a preference between Dewalt or Stanley tools (Kobalt for me). If I had a job that offered AFLAC I certainly would not turn it down.

Do you use products because they sponsor your favorite drivers?

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