Dale Junior Can Spot a Model From a Mile Away

They may not be together anymore, but NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Junior must have a sixth sense when it comes to models. His girlfriend Kortnie Coles, who he dated several years ago, was picked as one of the finalists on America’s Next Top Model. You might not be surprised by this tidbit, or even surprised that he’d date someone who’d go onto become a model, or that she’d make it through the first two episodes, but you might be surprised to learn that Coles is the only plus-size model in this year’s competition.

Personally I’m liking Coles. When she dated Dale Junior, she seemed like a snotty and stuck up bitch, but she’s growing on me. Maybe being in the limelight and having his fans hate her, helped her move on with her life. She’s not that big, but then again you don’t have to be that big for the modeling industry to consider you plus-size! She’s also very funny and seems like someone I’d love to go shopping with.

Kortnie also has a lot of self-confidence and doesn’t seem to mind what others think of her. She also looks pretty damn good in a bikini! If Dale Junior is watching, I hope he’s reaching for his phone…

I wrote more here about Dale Junior and his ex-girlfriend.

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